Gola Hundun (Italy)

International artist

Gola Hundun (Italy)

International artist

Gola Hundun was born in Cesena, Italy. His first introduction into the art world began with classical art training at Ravenna’s High School of Arts in Italy. In 2010 Gola did an art residency semester in Quebec, Canada, where he began his artistic career on global scale. From the completion of his residency to-date, Gola traveled the world exhibiting in group and solo shows.

The universe he creates includes an allegoric interpretation and is enhance by many influences such post human culture, sacred art, zoology, psychedelic art and by the many cultures he found during his extensive travels.



Gola Hundun a.k.a. Göla was born in Cesena, Italy 1982.

Gola Hundun’s work shows the relationship between human beings and the biosphere. This consideration combined with the conscious decision to live as a vegetarian since the age of 16 positions the artist and his work closer to the animal sphere to the human sphere.
He explores themes such as collaboration vs. domination, shamanism, a return to the earth, vegetarianism, energies and mysticism.

Gola’s first introduction into the art world began with a classical artistic training at Ravenna´s high school of arts in Italy at the early age of 12 years old when he did his first steps related with the Street Art doing the traditional graffiti’s lettering styles.  At the age of 14 he returned at the home’s privacy to create his first illustrations and paintings.

Gola Hundun continues his studies at Bologna’s Academy where he got a degree in Fine Arts. In 2004 he moved to Barcelona, where he is still living and working. In Barcelona he was influenced by the local graffiti & street art and it is where he decides to bring his creations back to the street’s walls.
The late 2000’s was a period of growing and sporadic activity whilst travelling between Italy, Spain and around Europe. In 2010 Gola took an art residency semester in Quebec, Canada, where began his artistic career on a global scale. From the completion of his residency to-date Gola’s travelled around the world exhibition in group and solo shows in Sao Paulo Brazil (2011), Jenin Palestine (2011), Moscow Russia (2012), Tokyo Japan (2012) ,Almaty in Kazakhstan (2013) and recently U.S.A. (2014).
The universe he creates includes an allegoric interpretation and is enhance by many influences such post human culture, sacred art, zoology, psychedelic art and by the many cultures he found during his extensive travels.
In addition to painting, Gola Hundun creates public installations incorporating fiber, living plants, electronics music and live performances.


2016 Naturart Project, No Title Gallery, Pordenone, ITALY
2016 Intelligenza Vegetale, Portanova 12, Bologna, ITALY
2015 Olio Santo, Pigment Workroom, Bari ITALY
2013 Animalismo Magico, Santarcangelo di Romagna ITALY
2012 Flow Master, Gorky Park, Moscow RUSSIA
2011 Vegetaçao, Tag & Juice, Sao Paulo BRAZIL
2011 Hibrido, (double Solo with Paulo Auma) CCC, Curitiba BRAZIL
2010 Adventure Beyond of Ultra World, (Double Solo with Kenor) Base Elements, Barcelona SPAIN
2009 Il Sogno dell’Arcigufo, 36A Spazio Gallery, Bellaria, Rimini ITALY


2017 Cvtá, Civitacampomarano ITALY
2017 Venti e Correnti, Caserta ITALY
2017 Kufa’s Urban Art Festival, Esch Sur Alzette LUXEMBOURG
2017 Arena delle Balle di Paglia, Cotignola ITALY
2017 Street Art at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Bruxelles BELGIUM
2016 Artesano Project, San Pedro de Macorís DOMINION REPUBLIC
2016 Land-Shape Festival, Vra DENMARK
2016 Artmosphere Mural Art Biennale, Manege, Moscow, RUSSIA
2016 The Outdoor, Museum of Cities of Europe & Asia, Magnitogorsk RUSSIA
2016 Urban Art Fair, Carreau du Temple, Paris FRANCE
2016 Squinterno Festival, Berceto ITALY
2016 Tafuzy Day, Castello degli Agolanti, Riccione ITALY
2016 Impronte 2016, Bonito, Irpinia ITALY
2016 Memorie Urban, Terracina ITALY
2016 Altrove Off, Catanzaro ITALY
2016 Directors Choice, 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast AUSTRALIA
2016 HAPPY Group Show, 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast AUSTRALIA
2015 Evolucion, Honeycomb Gallery, Buenos Aires ARGENTINA
2015 Street Meet, Wurzburg GERMANY
2015 Subsidenze, Bonobolabo, Ravenna ITALY
2015 Restart, Imola ITALY
2015 Viavai Exhibition, Don Gallery, Milano ITALY
2015 Eurotopia, La Escocesa, Barcelona SPAIN
2014 4 Seasons Project, Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS
2014 Biennale del Disegno, Museo della cittá, Rimini ITALY
2014 Scrittura Disegnata, Musas, Santarcangelo di Romagna ITALY
2014 Mucchio Selvaggio III, D406, Modena ITALY
2014 Dolomiti Contemporanee, Nuovo Spazio Espositivo, Casso (BL) ITALY
2014 Sagra della Street Art, Reggio Emilia ITALY
2013 Cash Cans and Candy, Hilger BrotKunstHalle, Wien AUSTRIA
2013 Artbat Fest, Almaty KAZAKHSTAN
2013 Icone 5.9, D406, Modena ITALY
2012 Nuiguru, Uma et Merdre, Tokyo JAPAN
2012 Suburban2, Bunker, Torino ITALY
2012 Outer Space Festival, Poznan POLAND
2012 Las Paredes Hablan, Mutuo, Barcelona SPAIN
2011 Barcelona Finest, Celal Gallery, Paris FRANCE
2011 La Memoria Non Si Cancella , SS9 Teatro, Reggio Emilia ITALY
2011 Artaq 1 Bruxelles, Espas-art22, Bruxelles BELGIUM
2011 Artaq 1 Lyon, Galeri Confluence, Lyon FRANCE
2010 Artaq 1 Berlin, Stattbad Wedding, Berlin GERMANY
2010 Artaq 1 Paris, Espace Beaurepaire, Paris FRANCE
2010 Pintalla, Antigua Casa Haiku, Barcelona SPAIN
2010 Ritual,Red Magic, complesso case popolari,Reggio Emilia ITALY
2010Hello Nasty,Infart, Castello degli Ezzelini, Bassano del Grappa ITALY
2010 Invasioni e Terapie, Plazzo Fogazzaro, Schio(VI) ITALY
2010 Gasbukn , Morgan Bridge, Quebec City CANADA
2010 Artaq Prize, Anger FRANCE
2010 Save Ours Skiers, LAB 610 XL, Feltre ITALY
2010 Ritual, Aperitivos Visuales, Tenerife SPAIN
2009 (H)earth 2nd , Art-Port, Udine ITALY
2009 400ML 2,Chateau des Izards, Coulounieix-Chamiers,Dordone FRANCE
2009 Degli uomini selvaggi e d’altre forasticherie, LAB610 XL, Servo di Sovramonte, Belluno ITALY
2009 400ml 2,Maison des Metallos, Paris FRANCE
2009 Pop Up!, MAC, Ancona ITALY
2009 Digital is Human-Digital Entertainment, Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia, Milano ITALY
2009 Street Without Wall, Museo della Misericordia,Firenze ITALY
2009 Europa Underground,Club Studio Gallery,Lodi ITALY
2009 My Place,Milano ITALY
2008 Spray contra la Fam, Miscelänea, Barcelona SPAIN
2008 Sketchel Group Show, Mondo Pop, Rome ITALY
2008 Sparrow Group Exibition, Kiev UKRAINE
2008 400ml,Maison des Metallos, Paris FRANCE
2008 Grafiteros and Dj Contra la Fam,los Encantes, Barcelona SPAIN
2008 Premio Italian Factory 2008, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano ITALY
2008 Tres Amigos Show, Base Element, Barcelona SPAIN
2008 nfart3, Museo Civico, Bassano del Grappa, VI ITALY
2008 Visual Slang 2008, Abrons Arts Center, Manatthan, New York USA
2008 Manifesta7,Città al Muro, Trento ITALY
2008 Loop Festival, Districto Quinto, Barcelona SPAIN
2008 Platano Rock, Tenerife SPAIN
2008 Happy Monsters Assault!!, Pure Evil Gallery, London, ENGLAND
2008 Expopo#3, Café Milans, Barcelona SPAIN
2008 ARTshake2, Galleria civica di arte contemporanea, Termoli ITALY

2016 Land-Shape International Land Art Festival – Denmark
2013 Bocanord – mural art prize – Barcelona – Spain
2011 Poliniza – mural art prize – Valencia – Spain
2010 Artaq Prize – Sreet Art prize – France
2010 Est-Nord-Est residency – Spring Semester 2010 – Quebec – Canada

STREET ART CONTEXT (S) – Le Grand Jeu, Paris 2017 (FR)
WILD ART – D. Carrier, J. Pissarro, Phaidon, London 2013 (UK)
MAMMOTH BOOK OF STREET ART – Constable & Robinson, edited by Jake (UK)
GRAFFITI 365 – Jay “j.Son” Edlin (USA)
POLINIZA 2010Y2011 – UPV (Spain)
400ML – Gautier Jourdan (France)
POP UP – Franco Cosimo (Italy)
ARTAQ BOOKZINE 2010- Ysam Artaq (France)


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