Artist Biography

French born artist, Geoffrey Bouillot, currently lives and works in Japan. His work is evidently informed by these two cultures, and examines a unique dynamic of pop art, cubism, and Italian futurism. Bouillot is adept at portraiture, still life, landscapes and interiors.

Bouillot’s work typifies contemporary art culture. It is clean, fresh and chic. His monochromatic designs burgeon an eclectic blend of minimalism and the ethereal. The cultural influences include remnants of Manga, with subjects and composition meticulously separated with clean lines and play on light, achieving harmony and balance between the artists other influential styles; cubism and pop art. The mastery in conjoining such diverse genres is an accomplishment, particularly considering this is achieved using only monochrome hues.

It has been said of his work, “Composed of metallic-like stacking cylindrical and spherical forms, each character morphs nostalgic cartoons into unfamiliar forms, speaking to a collision of culture – from the ancient to the deep future.”

Bouillot has exhibited across Tokyo Japan including numerous solo and group exhibitions, his most recent being his 2019 Solo Retrospective in Taishakuten Temple. Demonstrating his innovative artistic approach, the artist has also collaborated with to create a series of collectible and experiential AR art objects that transform his iconic monochromatic figures into interactive digital artwork.

Solo Exhibitions

2019 Solo Retrospective, Taishakuten Temple, Tokyo, JAPAN
2019 In White & Black, Ambassade de France, Tokyo, JAPAN
2019 All light, Trunk Hotel, Tokyo, JAPAN
2019 In Black & White, Atelier 485, Tokyo, JAPAN
2018 Complete?, Garde Gallery, Tokyo, JAPAN

Group Exhibitions

2019 Group exhibition “G.O.S”, Fukagawa Garage, Tokyo, JAPAN
2018 Maru, Shikaku, Sankaku, Atelier 485, Tokyo, JAPAN



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