Gene A’Hern

Represented Artist

Gene A’Hern

Represented Artist

A promising young Australian painter, Gene A’Hern is a graduate from the National Art School whose work investigates the internal dialogue and spiritual relationship we have with our surroundings with abstract assemblages of colour and form.

Upon discovering my dyslexia and understanding how it affects my vision, I became cognisant of the reasons behind my previous frustrations with depth perception. Now, rather than fear it, I have allowed the process of abstraction to become not only a catalyst for my work, but also a mantel for myself as an artist.I began permitting my frustration to lead the paintbrush instead of my own ideals and wishes. This was a way for me to accept my dyslexia. My paintings aren’t of the world I wish I knew, but of the world I truly know. – Art Profile

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Gene A’Hern was born in Katoomba, Australia in 1993 and completed his Bachelor of Arts at the National Art School in 2016. His works investigate the creation of meaning for a future tense. Through the automated picture planes, Gene conveys the initiative assemblage of color, form and gesture to create an accord and resonance for subsequent viewers.
Using his past and present experiences of domestic scenes  in the “everyday” including his “At the Table” series, Gene creates abstract images that comments on the internal dialogue and spiritual relationship we have with our surroundings. His aim is to, through resonance, create a space for the viewer to also become aware of their own internal dialogue and automative response to their environments.


2016 Bachelor of Fine Arts, The National Art School, Sydney NSW


2017 For Now, Piermarq Art Gallery, Sydney NSW
2017  The Satchi & Satchi Group Exhibition
2016  Rodeo Sideshow, Piermarq Art Gallery, Sydney NSW
2016  Undergraduate Show, The National Art School,  Sydney NSW
2016  Imitation Green Cordial, Stairwell Gallery, The National Art School,  Sydney NSW


2010   The Sam Griffin People’s choice Award


2017 Artist Profile, Issue 39
2017 Sydney Morning Herald, Spectrum, Sept 30



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