With his classical music past evident in his work, self-taught painter Florian Eymann, reminds us of the power of cross-pollination within the arts, and subsequently, he quietly emboldens the viewer with the realisation that anything is possible if only you are faithful to self-expression.

Originally from the city of Auxerre, Florian now lives and works in Orleans south of Paris. His work is dark, interpretative and commands full attention. It conveys something new with each tilt of the head and transforms with the adjunct of individual experience.


Solo Exhibitions

2019 Gallery Of The Senses, Caen, FRANCE
2019 Rhodes Gallery, London, UNITED KINGDOM
2019 Schwab Beaubourg, Paris, FRANCE
2019 Brive La Gaillarde, FRANCE
2018 Paul Roosen Contemporary, Hamburg GERMANY
2018 Rembrandt Gallery, Eindhoven THE NETHERLANDS
2017 Laurence Alkin Gallery, London ENGLAND
2017 Cube Gallery, Patras GREECE
2016 La Loge Galerie, Paris FRANCE
2016 La Galerie Catherine Mainguy , Lyon FRANCE
2015 Point Rogue Gallery, Paris FRANCE
2014 Galerie L’œil Vagabond, Meung sur Loire FRANCE

Group Exhibitions

2020 Solo Exhibtion, Avant Gallery, NY USA
2019 The French Connexion, Galleri Oxholm, Gopenhagen, Denmark
2019 Art Miami, Avant Gallery, NY USA
2019 Benjamin Eck Gallery, Munich, GERMANY
2019 Group Show, Affenfaust Gallery, Hamburg, GERMANY
2018 Collective Show, Mirus Gallery, Denver USA
2018 Gallery 15/17, Antwerp BELGIUM
2018 Art New York, Modern Art Fair with Avant Gallery, Miami, USA
2017 Nouvelle Figuration, Paris FRANCE
2017 Scope Art Fair with Avant Gallery, Miami USA
2017 Affordable Art Fair with Affenfaust Gallery, Hamburg GERMANY
2017 Oxholm Gallery, Copenhagen DENMARK
2017 Collective Exhibition with Galerie COA, Montreal CANADA
2017 Basel Art Scope with Avant Gallery SWITZERLAND
2017 Minimenta, Point Rouge Gallery, Paris FRANCE
2017 Catherine Mainguy Gallery, Lyon FRANCE
2017 Auffenfaust Gallery, Hamburg GERMANY
2017 Paint Guide, Booth Gallery, New York USA
2017 Rotterdam Art Fair with Oxholm Gallery THE NETHERLANDS
2017 Oxholm Gallery, Copenhagen DENMARK
2016 Miami Scope with Oxholm Gallery, Miami USA
2016 Rouen Art Fair, Le Grand Quevilly FRANCE
2016 Auffenfaust Gallery, Hamburg GERMANY
2016 Art Copenhagen Fair with Oxholm Gallery, Copenhagen DENMARK
2016 Gallery Oxholm, Copenhagen DENMARK
2016 Museum of Brive la Gaillarde FRANCE
2016 The Conjugated Portrait, Mondapart Gallery, Boulogne Billancourt FRANCE
2015 Gerard Mecheriki, Georges Clemenceau, Gien FRANCE
2014 Longuesse Format, Longuesse FRANCE
2014 SMAC, Toulon FRANCE
2014 Made in France, Starter Gallery, Paris FRANCE
2014 The Cellar Show Room N ° 5, Paris FRANCE
2014 Tet’de Art, Forbach FRANCE
2014 Contemporary Brigade, Latabal Biarritz FRANCE
2014 Catherine Mainguy Gallery, Lyon FRANCE
2014 Contemporary Brigade, Larraldea FRANCE
2013 Corps A Corps, Paris FRANCE
2013 Arrival, A Troyes FRANCE
2012 Chateau de Varye St Douchard FRANCE
2012 Musée Maurice Gennevois St Denis de l’Hotel FRANCE
2012 Salle Duc Jean Bourges FRANCE
2012 Cite de l’or St Amand Montrond FRANCE



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