Florent Stoss is an accomplished graphic designer gaining formal qualifications in Design. Based in Brittany, France, Stoss’ self-taught work can arguably be described as ‘an encompassing blend of the traditional and contemporary’. His work is reminiscent of Jonas Wood, Guy Yanai, Hillary Pecis, or Paul Wackers, using vivid colours to shape intricate still life scenes from the Baroque and Modernist movements.

Stosskopf’s paintings are inspired by the classical and composed like collages. He uses saturated colour, a subtle reference to his former life as a designer. The removal of shadow highlights the stylized and obvious disconnect from realism.

The artist distinctively constructs his compositions like collages, often using saturated and vibrant colours, removing shadows, and translating the three-dimensional world into block colours and flat lines, all while retaining the complexity of the image.

Stoss’ work is reminiscent of the past however it makes apparent references to modern art, with clear influence from artists such as Matisse. He applies simplification which lends to the themes of a bi-gone era, but this elementary approach is also indicative of the present; it borrows the fundamentals of rudimentary painting and the codes of digital art to create harmonic structure and vibrancy.

Stoss has exhibited his work in his native France, with two solo exhibitions in Rennes and Brittany. Florent Stoss is representative of a growing trend in contemporary art, where form and light are painted in a manner akin to the flatlines of graphic design while merging with traditional periods of art history. What makes Florent Stoss stand out in his genre, is his skilful weaving of abstraction within his chiefly traditional narrative. Savvy collectors will recognise Florent Stoss as an emerging artist to watch.


Graduated with qualifications in Webdesign, Communication and Graphic Design.

2015 Established Printer and Graphic Design Business ‘Monsieur Coton’.



2015 Solo Exhibition, Rennes, France.

2016 Solo Exhibition, Brittany, France.


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