Cristina Troufa is a Portuguese artist born and based in Porto, Portugal.

Cristina holds a Licentiate Degree in Painting (1998) and a Masters Degree in Painting (2012), both in FBAUP (University of Fine Arts of Porto).

Since 1995 she has participated in collective and individual exhibitions, in Art Galleries and Cultural Spaces of Portugal, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Taiwan, England and USA.

In 2014 and 2016 she was an invited artist at the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Salerno, Italy. In 2015 she was a jury member of the project “PortugArt” in London, in the selection of Portuguese artists for a collective exhibition in the same city and in which she was a guest artist.


Cristina Troufa want to consolidate the idea of a self-portrait and/or self-representation but for other hand wants to reflect on a spiritual, emotional, and psychological inner self-portrait, that may be done conceptually. She uses her own image in autobiographical paintings that explore her life and spiritual beliefs. As a form of self-knowledge and self-questioning, her work explores an inner world in a symbolic way, which remains inaccessible to the voyeur that can only guess what each painting represents.

The artist describe her work as: “…something spiritual, a route between several lives and several times in the same life, coexisting side by side from strategies of self-representation that ultimately, question the meaning of life”…”The theme of my work is about my life, about myself and my beliefs. I explore in my work the self-representation in the looking for my inner self, my self-portrait.”


Current – Masters in Painting at FBAUP (University of Fine Arts of Porto)
1998 Degree in Fine Arts – Painting, FBAUP (University of Fine Arts of Porto)



2019 EGO – Solo Exhibition Centro Cultural de Cascais, Lisbon PORTUGAL
2019 Uptopia, Zet Gallery, Braga PORTUGAL
2018 Heranca, Club Nacional Artes Plasticas, Lisbon PORTUGAL
2017 Double Solo | Cristina Troufa and Juan Domingues, D-Contemporary, London, UK
2017 D-Contemporary, London, UK
2017 Self, Acervo Arte Contemporanea, Lisboa PORTUGAL
2016 Corpus, Snap! Space, Orlando USA
2016 Retratos de Alma, VIA IDEA  PORTUGAL
2015 Fuso, Galeria Artes Solar St. António, Porto PORTUGAL
2015 Introspeccion Critica, Museo Karura Art Centre NORWAY
2014 Interior, Centro de Artes e Espectáculos PORTUGAL
2013 RE-COR-DAR, Palpura Galeria de Arte, Lisboa PORTUGAL
2013 More Worth A Bird Flying, 57 Art Gallery PORTUGAL
2012 Subjective Freedom, 19 KAREN Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast AUSTRALIA
2012 Emotions, Museum of Decorative Arts, Viana do Castelo PORTUGAL
2011 The Self Narcissistic, Palpura Gallery, Lisbon PORTUGAL
2011 The mask reflected in the mirror,  ASVs Gallery, Porto PORTUGAL
2011 Cristina Troufa, Metamorfose Gallery, Porto PORTUGAL
2011 Wearing Skin, Library of Penafiel PORTUGAL


2019 Group Exhibition CNAP Gallery, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
2018 Iconic Mix, Courcelles Art Contemporain, Paris FRANCE
2018 Five Women Artists, Commemorating International Womens Day, Galeria Municipal, Setubal PORTUGAL
2017 Exposicao Colectiva | Natal, Nuno Sacramento Gallery, Ilhavo PORTUGAL
2017 Reality, Honos Art, Rome ITALY
2017 Exhibition and Auction, The International Medical Assistance Foundation, Porto PORTUGAL
2016 In Good Hands, ACERVO Arte Contemporanea, Lisboa PORTUGAL
2016 Galeria Amostra, Porto PORTUGAL
2016 30 x 30, ACERVO Arte Contemporanea, Lisboa PORTUGAL
2016 II Bienal de Arte Contemporânea de Salerno ITALY
2016 The Portuguese Art in Feminine, Galería Arte-Imagen, A Coruna SPAIN
2016 Babuchas And The Women, Da Vinci Art Gallery, Porto PORTUGAL
2016 Reflection, Jaydon Art Gallery, Vancouver CANADA
2016 A Amostra Mostra, Galeria Geraldes da Silva, Porto PORTUGAL
2016 PortugArt Exhibition, D – Contemporary, London, UK
2016 110 Courcelles Art Contemporain, Paris FRANCE
2015  70 Cavaquinhos, 70 Artistas, Salão de Arte Contemporânea PORTUGAL
2015 Emotions, Galeria de Pentagono, Porto PORTUGAL
2015 Vente caritative Exceptionelle, Hotel Marcel Dassault, Paris FRANCE
2015 Fozarte, Forte de S. João, Porto PORTUGAL
2015 Coletiva de Pintura, Escultura e Fotografia, Nuno Sacramento Arte Contemporânea, Aveiro, PORTUGAL
2015 Women With (He)art, Da Vinci Art Gallery, Porto PORTUGAL
2015 The Feminine, Galeria Atelier Metamorfose, Porto PORTUGAL
2015 Galeria Red Nankim, Porto PORTUGAL
2015 Agenda Arte 2015, Anjos Art Gallery, Sao Paulo BRASIL
2014 Arte De Bolso, Galeria SETE, Coimbra PORTUGAL
2014 Os cavaquinhos em exposição, Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisboa PORTUGAL
2014 We Art – Agencia De Arte, Aveiro Business Center, Aveiro PORTUGAL
2014 The Peach Gallery, Toronto CANADA
2014 Art In Secret, Lions Gallery, Porto PORTUGAL
2014 A Flor De Pelle,  Artspace João Carvalho PORTUGAL
2014 Young Upcoming Artists, Galleri Kirk DENMARK
2014 Art Copenhagen 2014, Copenhagen DENMARK
2014 Women-Slave and Goddesses, Felgueiras Library PORTUGAL
2013 Whistler,  Galeria Atelier Metamorfose, Porto PORTUGAL
2013 Exhibition of the Real and Other Truths, Silo Cultural Space PORTUGAL
2013 Counterpoints, REM Art Gallery, Porto PORTUGAL
2012 Barcelona Showcase, House Batlló, Barcelona SPAIN
2012 Art in Morrazo 2012, Cangas SPAIN
2012 The Other, Gallery 604, Porto PORTUGAL
2012 Collective Refresh, Henry Dunant Gallery, Porto PORTUGAL
2012 Fado on the North, Csa da Galeria Art space, Santo Tirso PORTUGAL
2012 1st Exhibition of Antiquities and Works of Art, CCB, Lisbon PORTUGAL
2012 Emerging and consecrated, Zeller Gallery, Espinho PORTUGAL
2012 Group exhibition, CB Concept Art Gallery, Carcavelos PORTUGAL
2012 Collection, Art Gallery Solar Santo António, Porto PORTUGAL
2012 Collective Collection, Metamorfose Gallery, Porto PORTUGAL
2012 Collective 2000 … and 12, Zeller Gallery, Espinho PORTUGAL
2011 FastArt Follia and Societa ‘Ex Chiesa del’ Angelo, Lodi ITALY
2011 The Last Supper, Art Gallery Solar Santo António, Porto PORTUGAL
2011 X-Chromosome Palettes of a Master, Cultural Forum of Ermesinde PORTUGAL
2011 Against the Mirror, Art Gallery Solar Santo António, Porto PORTUGAL
2011 Collection, Gallery Zeller, Espinho PORTUGAL


2019 Artist Talk – Zet Gallery
2018 Cover Art – Devon Balwit ‘A Brief Way To Identify A Body’, Ursus Americanus Press
2017 Feature Artist – Nailed Magazine
2015 Honorable Mention – 3rd International Biennial ‘Women of Arts’ PORTUGAL
2014 Cover Art – Deakla Kaydar ‘The House of Others’
2014 Artist of the Month – Line and Style Magazine
2010 Honorable Mention – III International Festival of Plastic Arts SPAIN
2009 Honorable Mention – 6th International Biennial of Young Art of Vila Verde PORTUGAL
2008 Illustrations – ‘Words of Fernando Pessoa’, Centro Atlantica
2007 Honorable Mention – Honorable Mention, Courouche Bienieal PORTUGAL
2004 Honorable Mention – Artistic Presentation, Exhibit Pavillion of Penafiel PORTUGAL


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