Claudio was born in São Paulo in 1982 and currently lives and works there. He began artistic work around the age of 15 with spray paint as well as ballpoint pen, which to this day serves as his primary mediums. Highly influenced by many of the usual suspects from the Brazilian scene, Os Gemeos, Vitche, Onesto, and Herbert Baglione, Claudio’s style has taken its own highly unique style. Many in São Paolo today still prefer the stencil technique, or are part of large pixação crews with their own signatures, but Claudio has absolutely carved out his own niche among the muralists. His large-scale outdoor murals are less impulsive in origin than many of his contemporary’s work, and it is that degree of measure and complexity that sets his work apart.
In 2005 Claudio studied visual art at Londrina State University-PARANA in Brazil.  In April 2008, he had his first solo exhibition titled “Transition” at the Studio Cromie Gallery in Puglia, Italy. In August 2008, Claudio was invited to the Fame Festival in Italy to work with Urban artists Mantis from the UK, Blu from Italy and Erica il Cane from Italy.
His flawless conversions of his ballpoint pen drawings, usually from 8.5” x 11” or smaller make absolutely remarkable transitions from paper to concrete, almost as if an image has been transferred through a projector. Using a thread technique (among others) the amount of detail with his outdoor portraiture has captured the attention of countless art enthusiasts, his peers, and gallerists around the world. His penchant for replicating to scale the fine details of his ink and pencil drawings onto large walls has become his lasting signature.
The themes in his work (both indoor and outdoor) is inevitably related to the struggle of day-to-day existence that São Paulistas experience. Population density and the constant strain of urban anxiety become the subjects for many of Claudio’s narratives. Claudio’s characters have undeniably become some of the most recognized all throughout Brazil with his ephemeral work at times straddling the line of the figurative and abstract. His elongated, flexible, and strained figures have an almost liquid quality to them; one foot firmly in the school of the surrealists. He also displays a solid grasp of textiles in the use of patterns. Huge black balls serve as eyes for the exhausted and maligned residents of the concrete jungle. In a few words, his characters are a mixture of dreams and fragments of everyday life within the city.


2019 Mural, Philadelphia, USA
2017 Mural, Osasco, Sao Paulo BRAZIL
2017 Deadmocracy, Pretty Portal, Dusseldorf GERMANY
2016 Urban Dawn Vol II, Beirut LEBANON
2016 Street Art Biennial, Moscow RUSSIA
2016 Mural, Erlach, SWITZERLAND
2015 Transition in Color, Heerlen Murals THE NETHERLANDS
2015 May Bryne Kunstforening, Bryne NORWAY
2013 Mural, Le tour 13/ Paris, Paris FRANCE
2013 Intuitions surs le Hasard, Galerie Itinerrance Paris FRANCE
2013 Mural, Scultura Viva ITALY
2013  Nostalgia (Solo),  19 Karen, Gold Coast AUSTRALIA
2012 Urban Narrative, Art Basel, Miami USA
2012 Mural Ist. Festival, Istanbul TURKEY
2012 Maoyan Ethos, Geneva SWITZERLAND
2012 A.Y.P.C. Mural Festival, Halle GERMANY
2012 Oslo Mural Festival , Oslo NORWAY
2012 Street Art Communication, Kosice SLOVAKIA
2012 Komafest Mural Festival, Vardo NORWAY
2012 Castro Mural Show, Tel Aviv ISRAEL
2012 Feria del Libro de Bogota COLOMBIA
2011 Between Day and Night (Solo), Miami USA
2011 R.UA. Mural Festival’ Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS
2011 Cityleaks Mural Festival, Koln GERMANY
2011 Vox Humana Mural Festival, Los Angeles CA USA
2010 Inoperable Gallery Mural, Vienna AUSTRIA
2010 RE-creation Mural Show, New York USA
2010 Stroke Artfair, Berlin GERMANY
2010 House Dimensions (Solo), Miami Art Basel USA
2010 Stroke Artfair, Munich GERMANY
2009 Concreto (Solo), Christopher Henry Gallery, New York USA
2008 Insomnia (Solo), 111 Minna Gallery San Francisco USA
2008 Fame Festival, Galeria Temporanea STUDIOCROMIE,  Grottaglie ITALY
2008 Transicao (Solo), Galeria Temporanea STUDIOCROMIE, Grottaglie ITALY
2007 Dozza Murales Festival ITALY
2007 Spina Festival of Art and Culture, Dozza ITALY
2006 North Fair (Solo), Art Museum, Londrina BRAZIL
2006 Desenhos, Cultural Center Cristina Calixto, Birigui BRAZIL
2005 Untitled (Solo), Cultural Center Cristina Calixto, Birigui BRAZIL
2009 Juxtapoz Magazine 

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