Christian Boehmer is a self taught artist, who began his artistic career at the age of 13 as a traditional graffiti artist, painting his letters on the streets of Mainz and Frankfurt, Germany. Today he is a professional artist working and living in Cologne, Germany. His artwork is shown by Galleries in Switzerland, England, the Netherlands and of course, Germany.

Painting paper bags as heads has become Christian’s central topic and is a critical comment on contemporary social phenomenons. It underlines the contradiction between wanting to be hidden and anonymous and wanting to be the centre of attention. The paper bag itself operates as a picture in the picture and transports a deeper level of message.

Artist Statement

“I try to portray people of various backgrounds, who are able to remain anonymous through wearing the paper bags over their heads. The people are alienated even more through the customization of the paper bags in each of my artworks.”


Solo Exhibitions

2015 Faceless , Mynt Pop Up Store, Art Basel, Basel SWITZERLAND
2013 Off the Wall , Betahaus, Cologne GERMANY

Group Exhibitions

2019 Wall Mural – Yasha Young Projects, Berlin GERMANY
2019 ‘Capture The Streets’ 3 Steps, Giessen GERMANY
2018 ArtMuc Fine Art Fair, Munich GERMANY
2018 “Gruppe 69 #4” Ateliercentre Ehrenfeld, Cologne GERMANY
2017 River Tales Street Art Festival, Giessen, GERMANY
2017 Final , Go Gallery, Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS
2017 Gruppe 69 , Atelierzentrum Ehrenfeld, Cologne GERMANY
2016 Ambivalenz , 44309 Gallery, Dortmund GERMANY
2016 Gruppe 69, Atelierzentrum Ehrenfeld, Cologne GERMANY
2016 Passagen, Cologne GERMANY
2016 Urban Art Festival – Upfest , Bristol, UK
2015 Bloom Art Fair with Go Gallery, Cologne GERMANY
2015 Soon Gallery, Bern SWITZERLAND
2015 Art Basel Miami with Go Gallery, Miami USA
2015 Mural Painting for “West Art”, German TV Art show
2015 Gruppe 69 , Atelierzentrum Ehrenfeld, Cologne GERMANY
2015 International Meeting of Styles , Urban Art Festival, Wiesbaden GERMANY
2014 Babushka Show , Kuli Alma Gallery, Tel Aviv ISREAL
2014 Bloom Artfair with Go Gallery, Cologne GERMANY
2014 Frida , Go Gallery, Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS
2014 Public Provocations , Colab Gallery, Weil am Rhein GERMANY
2014 Street Art Cologne, Die Kunstagentin, Cologne GERMANY
2014 International Meeting of Styles, Urban Art Festival, Wiesbaden GERMANY
2013 Rule of Three, Colab Gallery, Weil am Rhein GERMANY
2013 Inside/Outside , Go Gallery, Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS
2011 City Leaks , Urban Art Festival, Cologne GERMANY


Colab Gallery, Weil am Rhein, Germany
Soon Gallery, Bern, Switzerland
Go Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Upfest Gallery, Bristol, UK
Urban Art Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany
Atelierzentrum Ehrenfeld, Cologne, Germany
19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Queensland, Australia


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