Riccardo Nannini a.k.a. Cane (Italy, 1980) is a lowbrow artist based in Barcelona, Spain. He starts his artistic production in 2014. Since the first works, characterized by a strong punk aesthetic, Cane has recently mixed up his story-telling ability with a much elaborated artistic work; moreover, his influences comes from a variety of artists and backgrounds: from italian comic’s masters Andrea Pazienza and Benito Jacovitti through the flemish painters Bosch and Bruegel the Elder and connecting with the contemporary lowbrow and popsurrealist scene.


2019 Threesome International Group Show, 19 Karen Gallery, Mermaid Beach QLD, AUS
2017 Art Emergent, Banc Sabadell, Sabadell, Spain
2017 Horny Gallery, Sevilla, Spain
2017 Fabrica Moritz, Barcelona, Spain
2017 Horny Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2016 Art Emergent, Banc Sabadell, Sabadell, Spain
2016 Base, Milan, Italy
2016 Limbo, Choko Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2015 Purgatory, Hell Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2015 Studiostore, Barcelona, Spain
2015 Espai Corretger 5, Barcelona, Spain
2014 Escalera de Incendios, Barcelona, Spain
2014 Fantasy Visions, Choko Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2014 Barcelona Drawing City, Galerie Le Marais, Paris, France
2014 Espiritu 23, Madrid, Spain


2019 Mundo Cane, Haimney Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2017 Relationships, Mutuo Centro de Arte, Barcelona, Spain
2016 Rotten Hedonism, Hell Gallery Barcelona, Spain
2015 Crossing Dreams, Mutuo Centro de Arte, Barcelona, Spain
2015 Just Some Artworks, Artevistas Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2014 Canewood, Mutuo Centro de Arte, Barcelona, Spain
2014 Through the Mirror, 33/45 Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2014 Smile, If You Can, Mutuo Centro De Arte, Barcelona, Spain
2014 Between Egypt and Indonesia, Artevistas Gallery, Barcelona, Spain


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