Bar Ben Vakil was born in 1989 in a small town in Israel where, in 2006, she initiated an art program sponsored by the city. Vakil then started collaborating with brands and selling paintings to high profile clients. She has been primary creative involved in the design of several publications in her native Israel, as well as graphic designer and illustrator for key brands. At this time in her career, Vakil was a self-taught artist, and through a process of experimentation she transitioned from using solely acrylic paint to also incorporating oils and other mediums in her methodology.

Vakil’s work is vibrant, lively and eccentric, expressing a heightened sense of contemporary art mixed with street art in her largely female and tropical subjects. To achieve this, Vakil uses multiple mediums such as oil colours, acrylic, crayons, spray paint ,wax pastel, 24 karat gold, 18 karat rose gold and ink.

Vakil has participated in five exhibitions including two Solo exhibitions, one at the prestigious “Salon D’automne” in Paris.


2019 Threesome International Group Show, 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, QLD Australia

2017 The Winter 2017 Show, Impact Art Gallery, New York, US