Arild Askelands (Norway)

International Artist

Arild Askelands (Norway)

International Artist

Norwegian abstract expressionist Arild Askelands finds that art is a journey, a journey that all began when he left school at Bergeland in 1971. Like many others, he has turned his career in graphic arts into a career as a visual artist and now he makes paintings for a living. Arild has 35 years of experience in concept development, art direction, design and curation of exhibitions for both national and international companies. However, as an artist he is self-taught. Ultimately, Arild believes that who he is as an artist and who he is as a project manager are in stark contradiction with one another. He is an introverted artist and an extroverted manager.


Artist Statement

When working on my artworks in my studio at Mariero, I work alone for the most part without any pressure of time and become at peace with the artworks. I allow my peace to transform into a chaos on the canvas. Out of this “chaos” I create a complex interaction of shapes, colours, light, texture and structure. As an image starts to emerge, a voltage field suddenly appears in my mind and I find an extra burst of energy to continue. I also notice that the colours find their own position and depth in each image and give the illusion of three-dimensionality. My stronger brushstrokes emphasize that the image is something spatial and I myself find that I can move myself into the picture.

Many artists say that it is up to the viewer to interpret an image and I too think that is the case, but I don’t necessarily believe that the experience must be an intellectual one. I don’t believe that my artworks are a comment on the history of art or symbol for a way of looking at the world. When I see a picture, it’s more an experience without words. Personally, I think the greatest of experiences an artist can give you is when an image awakens curiosity and dialogue.  So ultimately in the end, I am interested in the response and dialogue that my images create. Praise is important, but I expect something more – I want to know something about the footprint my images create.


Bergeland High School, Stavanger, Decorator, 1970-1971
University in Bergen, Basic subject art history, (distance learning), 2001-2003
Self-taught as an artist.
35 years experience in concept development, art direction, design and Execution of fairs and exhibitions for Companies nationally and internationally.


2017 ‘Paintings & Collages’, Sola Kulturhus, Norway
2009 ‘Paintings & Collages’, Sola Kulturhus, Norway
2000 ‘Paintings’, Apropos


Purchased for private collections in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Spain.


2017 Solabladet, Article about the exhibition in Sola Kulturhaus
2006 Bonytt Denmark, Danish highlight, No. 3
2005 Magazine HENNE, Tight Direction, No. 2
2003 Interior magazine Maison, Unique at the water’s edge, No. 3

Study and paintings with the artist group Artour

2012 – Soller-Mallorca
2009 – Skagen -Danmark
2008 – Collioure- France
2004 – Can Serrat- Spain
1998 – Skagen – Denmark
1996 – Can Serrat -Spania
1994 – Skagen – Denmark


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