Antonyo Marest, born and raised in Alicante, Spain in 1987, is an international multidisciplinary artist who studied architecture and art in Europe. With an artistic integrity focused on expertise and creative connection, within his work, Marest’s most significant reference is Art Deco which, along with general contemporary undertones, also serves as the primary generator of the works content.

Marest’s creative endeavours are vast, ranging from sculpture and painting to design. His evolution as an artist spawns from the elements of the environment that are deeply rooted in Marest’s creative identity. To have grown up in a Mediterranean city that is steeped in history, is a mecca of various cultures, and is an urban landscape that transforms throughout the light of day, inspires Marest’s style. The artist has travelled far beyond his own city limits and this has also enriched the Art Deco elements of his work, countries like France, Morocco, the U.S. and India.

Within Marest’s works, abstractions of nature can be observed, such as the irradiation of beams of light, fluid waves, undulating clouds, all that communicate unworldly harmonic form; elements that inject movement into the monochromatic discourse of his work. Colour is the prevalent feature of Marests work however, and this play on colour and form establishes a conversation that transcends the one with the viewer.

The artist states, “A human being can find many reasons to stay still, and only one reason to get in motion. I have never found a reason to stand still.

Nature teaches us that, in our essence, we find survival and the pursuit of happiness. It also shows us how, among all things in life, those ephemeral moments will be the most positive and relived in our memory.  I have always believed that a happy memory illuminates the darkest day. This is precisely what my work has become this year, a lighthouse on a warm summer night by the Mediterranean Sea.

I look to the future, living the present, yet fully aware that the future, any future, always has the potential to be better. What would be of mankind if we gave up without a good fight? What would be of art if it remained locked in the mind or in storage boxes?

Art needs light and life, people and moments, humanity needs positivity and positivity needs us to have initiative. My humble contribution is to try to reach those homes or collections, with the optimistic beam of light which forms and integral part of my work.”

Among his achievements, outside his extensive large-scale international mural commission works, Marest has held solo exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza, and has participated in group shows in Miami, Berlin, London, France and Munich.


2020 Sun Harbour, Furiosa Gallery, MADRID
2020 Galifornia, Galeria Luisa Pita, Santiago de Compostela, SPAIN
2020 Vertisol x Antonyo Marest, Vertisol Showroom, MADRID
2019 The Golden State, 19 Karen Gallery, Mermaid Beach QLD, AUS
2019 Antonyo Marest, Paradiso Ibiza with Adda Gallery, Ibiza SPAIN
2019 Trophic – Paradiso Hotel , IBIZA
2019 Art D´Echo – Villa Des Art, CASABLANCA
2018 Never Ending Summer, Underdogs Art Store Gallery , Lisbon PORTUGAL
2018 Tropicalismo -Art Madrid con Diwap Gallery, MADRID
2017 La Arquitectura de Los Flamencos, Diwap Gallery, Seville SPAIN
2017 Asalto Fair, Diwap Gallery, Zaragoza SPAIN
2017 Strait Line, Opera Lounge Gallery, Barcelona SPAIN
2017 Manufacture, Montana Shop, Madrid SPAIN
2016 Esencia del Mediterráneo, La Lonja del Pescado, Alicante SPAIN
2016 Xesex, Hotel Me, Madrid SPAIN
2015 El Hundimiento, Swinton & Grant, Madrid SPAIN
2015 Arco, Stand Pac, Madrid SPAIN
2014 Arqboards, Warehouse, Madrid SPAIN
2014 Deer’s Road, La bicicleta Café, Madrid SPAIN
2013 Diogenes, Soda, Alicante SPAIN
2010 Europa Trip, Papilon Club, Timisoara SPAIN
2008 The Women Caps, Elhiba, Villena SPAIN
2007 Armonías, Galería El Tunel, Villena SPAIN


2020 Optical Ilusion, Fumigee Gallery, PARIS
2020 Boudless Boundaries, Stolen Space, London, ENG
2020 VELA X MAREST, Mistakermaker, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
2020 Diario De Uma Morada, Underdogs Gallery, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
2020 TUMI X Water for Water Project, FRANCE
2020 Urvanity Fair, Happy Gallery, MADRID
2019 Threesome International Group Show, 19 Karen Gallery, Mermaid Beach QLD, AUS
2019 Hot Summers Night, Sofitel Gold Coast Broadbeach, Hosted by 19 Karen Gallery, AUS
2019 New Start – Happy Gallery , PARIS
2019 Stroke Art Fair – Mercedes Roldan Gallery , MUNICH
2019 Urvanity Fair  – Next Street Gallery , MADRID
2018 Trophyctopia – Pulse Art Fair ,MIAMI
2018 Gold Coast- 19 Karen Gallery , AUSTRALIA
2018 District 13 Art Fair- Project 3963 Gallery , PARIS
2018 Summer Show, Plastic Murs, Valencia SPAIN
2017 Punto de Fuga, Arca Gallery, Mexico City MEXICO
2017 Wed Design festival, Madrid SPAIN
2017 Summer Show, La Esquina, New York USA
2017 Brava Exhibition, Brava Gallery, Madrid SPAIN
2016 Cien x Cien, The Makers, Madrid SPAIN
2017 Another View, Plastic Murs, Valencia SPAIN
2016 Road to Mukono, Swinton & Grant Gallery, Madrid SPAIN
2016 Dos, Swinton & Grant Gallery, Madrid SPAIN
2016 Ensayos Absolut, PAC, Madrid SPAIN
2016 Preludio, Opera Lounge Gallery, Barcelona SPAIN
2016 One Shot, One Shot Hotel, Madrid SPAIN
2016 Absolt Icon, Madrid SPAIN
2016 Versus, Monkey Garage, Madrid SPAIN
2015 Estampa Fair, PAC , Madrid SPAIN
2015 Festival Incubate, Valencia SPAIN
2015 Market All, Lekanto Studio, Madrid SPAIN
2015 Hostelart, The Hat, Madrid SPAIN
2014 Room Art Fair, Swinton & Grant Gallery, Madrid SPAIN


2021 Villa Ayerim, Durham, North Carolina US
2021 Bacardi Art Motel, Life is Beautiful Festival, US
2021 Tropicana, Life is Beautiful Festival, US
2021 Miami Sunrise Tower, Oasis Wynwood, Miami, US
2021 Inside My Garden, Asamblea Nacional de Panamá
2021 LOL Resort, L’Alfàs del Pi
2021 Begin the Begining, European Union, Valencia
2021 Botin Tropical, Villena
2021 Sketch Home, Elda, SPAIN
2020 Implosion House, Elda
2020 Coffee At Dawn, D’Origen Coffee, Albir SPAIN
2020 Between Palm Tree, Sweet Museum, MADRID
2020 A Modo Mio, Grisignano Di Zocco, ITALY
2020 L’Incontro, Pozzoleone ITALY
2020 My Flats, Alicante SPAIN
2020 VILLA AMEG, Knokke Heist BELGIUM
2020 The New Door, Chennai INDIA
2019 Centro Cultural Español, Miami US
2019 Olilegra, The Hood, Lisbon PORTUGAL
2019 Villa Prosegur, MADRID
2019 Sofitel, Room 81, Gold Coast AUS
2019 Nine Nine, New York US
2019 Game Over, Los Angeles US
2019 Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi INDIA
2019 Allegra Pavilion, Kolkata INDIA
2019 Lama, Paris FRANCE
2019 Enigma Arquitectura, Alicante SPAIN
2019 Vision Art Festival, Cransmontana SWITZERLAND
2019 Super Sketch, Leeuwarden NETHERLANDS
2019 Super Flamingo Car, Alicante SPAIN
2019 Villa des Arts, Casablanca MOROCCO
2019 Moli Club, Javea SPAIN
2019 Metal Beach, Ontario US
2019 Paellas Festival, Alicante SPAIN
2019 Casa D´Acqua, Arcurgnano ITALY
2019 Piazetta Allegra, Arcurgnano ITALY
2019 Reunidos Saiper, Santander SPAIN
2018 Pbx Creative, Mural, Palibex Valladolid, SPAIN
2018 Pulse Art Fair, Miami SPAIN
2018 Art Madrid Fair, Madrid SPAIN
2018 Miami Truck Road, Miami USA
2018 Google Campus, Madrid SPAIN
2017 Invasion Art Festival, Plasencia SPAIN
2017 Tuenti Urban Art, Seville SPAIN
2017 Burn Secret Party, Toledo SPAIN
2017 Trendsplant Art, Alicante SPAIN
2017 Urbancampus, Madrid SPAIN
2017 Le Quatre Saisons, Outreau FRANCE
2017 Arte Al Cubo, Madrid SPAIN
2017 Tribufestival, Burgos SPAIN
2017 Festival Asalto, Zaragoza SPAIN
2017 10 Years Of Me, Ibiza SPAIN
2017 10 Years Of Me, Mallorca SPAIN
2017 10 Years Of Me, Madrid SPAIN
2017 VAF Festival, Crans Montana SWITZERLAND
2017 Playa Festival, Leon SPAIN
2017 Rusanova, Alicante SPAIN
2017 Mongol Wall, Seville SPAIN
2017 Jidar Festival, Rabat MORROCO
2017 Hundon Hotel, Busan SOUTH KOREA
2017 Cafe Olaa, Busan SOUTH KOREA
2017 915 Showroom, Seoul SOUTH KOREA
2017 DMuseum, Seoul SOUTH KOREA
2017 Nine Shop, Bronx NY USA
2017 Idem Showroom, Miami USA
2017 Montana Shop, Madrid SPAIN
2016 Museo La Lonja, Alicante SPAIN
2016 ESP Etinhos, Madrid SPAIN
2016 Gregario Club, Madrid SPAIN
2016 Alquimia, Alicante SPAIN
2016 Dre Amsea, Lisbon PORTUGAL
2016 VAF Festival, Crans Montana SWITZERLAND
2016 Playa Festival, Leon SPAIN
2016 El Paracaidista, Madrid SPAIN
2016 Concesionarte, Madrid SPAIN
2016 Mulafest, Madrid SPAIN
2016 Muros, Madrid SPAIN
2016 Happy Kids, Madrid SPAIN
2016 Projecto Declamado, Araras BRAZIL
2016 Paint La Rua, Sao Paulo BRAZIL
2016 Ensayoa Absolut, Madrid SPAIN
2016 Beauty Room, Granada SPAIN
2016 Mofit, Alicante SPAIN
2015 Trendsplant, Madrid SPAIN
2015 Dadaroom, Madrid SPAIN
2015 Muros La Cebada, Madrid SPAIN
2015 Revista El Duende, Madrid SPAIN
2015 Hotel Suecia, Madrid SPAIN
2015 The Hat, Madrid SPAIN
2015 Fotocopyart, Madrid SPAIN
2015 Casa Museo, Alicante SPAIN
2015 Skateroom, Geneva SWITZELAND



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