Andrew Weir was born in Scotland, studied at Gray’s School of Art (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen) and graduated with a BA (hons) in 2003. As part of his degree he also studied at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts  in the Netherlands.

He lived in Japan for almost a decade teaching English at various universities and has only recently moved back to Europe (Germany) in the Spring of 2016 to commit himself to painting. During his time in Japan he had his work shown as part of the Taiheiyo Exhibition at The National Art Center Tokyo in June 2015.

Andrew Weir has also exhibited in galleries in Aberdeen, Edinburgh (for example, The Red Door Gallery) and Maastricht (The Netherlands). His work is also held in private collections throughout Europe, North America and Japan.

Artist Statement

My current work Agnostic Forms, is inspired by the city of Tokyo, the Japanese Art of calligraphy and ideas held within Wabi-sabi. It is also, in part, inspired by the new environment that I now find myself living in (Bavaria).

This collection is interested in exploring the emotional response of moving from one culture to another and continues to pursue my fascination with the relationship between symbols (for example language) and the possibility of meaning that they contain. How one series of lines can be immediately recognized as holding meaning to someone while to another they are (at that moment) meaningless.

This recognition of the power of symbols shapes our perceptions of the world and consequently directly affect how (and why) we act.
Moreover, these systems of symbols which we have created and use to communicate have a fragile and ephemeral nature. Words lose their ‘original’ meaning and change. Languages are lost, discovered and created. Symbols which were once taboo and progressive become pedestrian and mundane.

These tools (symbols) which we use are pathways to understanding our past, present and where we want to be as individuals and as societies in the future.

This transience is acknowledged through my working process. I am more interested in the actual process as opposed to the completion. I work and re-work my paintings adding and removing layers until a form appears which I then develop upon.


BA (Hons) from Gray’s School of Art (Robert Gordon University) Aberdeen, Scotland (2003)
Telford College, Edinburgh (Advanced Certificate in Art & Design) 1998


2018 BEVY Exhibitio, Julia Martin Gallery, Nashville USA
2018 Ausstellung Agnostic Forms, GeoArt Galerie, Berlin GERMANY
2017 31st Annual Exhibition Downlands College, Toowoomba AUSTRALIA
2017 19 Karen Gallery, Gold Coast AUSTRALIA
2017 St. Hilda’s Art Show, AUSTRLIA
2017 Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts 154th Open Annual Exhibition, Glasgow SCOTLAND
2017 Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition, Mound Gallery, Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh SCOTLAND
2017 Art for Living Space, CICA Museum International Exhibition, Gyeonggi-do KOREA
2015 Taiheiyo Exhibition, The National Art Center, Tokyo JAPAN


2017 New Street Art Inspired by Keith Haring, Collection on Saatchi Art’s Homepage, May
2017 Fragile Express’ ‘Hot List’ March
2017 Inspired by Street Art Collection on Saatchi Art’s homepage (Feb)
2015 Taiheiyo Annual Magazine


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