“I believe that everything starts with an idea. A concept that is then developed and translated into a space.”  Adriana Jaros is passionate about imagining spaces and products that then become actualised as experiences for the consumer.   She researches the interaction between colour and space, exploring how the two can elevate our senses and, in turn, create a meaningful aesthetic.

Her work is bold, clean and multi-dimensional. It is reminiscent of the architectural integrity that Adriana’s work frequently adorns, something that sets her apart from other geometric artists. Instead of expressing mere elements of design, in her work, Adriana elucidates the function of aesthetic for the viewer, by revealing the layers that are foundational to structure and are not always seen. It is evident that Adriana looks for synergies between the context with which her work is destined, and the work itself, deconstructing components of design and then playing on them with shapes and bends of colour. Jaros provides a tangible porthole into the concept of space that leaves a sense of weightlessness and evokes a yearning for exploration.



UAL | Chelsea College of art and Design

BA (HONS) Textile Design [Specialization: Print]

(Graduated with First Class Honours)





Prodiseno School of Visual Communication and Design

BA Graphic Design [Caracas, Venezuela]


2020 Concept Artist and Designer

2019 London Design Fair Visual Concept Campaign & Entrance Designer

2019 Art Direction Gubi Pop Up Concept & Creation Project

2018-2019 Decology App Interior Concept boards & Illustrations

2016 – 2019 Head Designer at FLOOR_STORY

2016 Creative Assistant Camille Walala.

2015 – 2017 Technical Print Assistant at the Royal College of Art.

2015 – 2017 Production and Studio Manager at Custhom Design Ltd.







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