"I could not hang paintings in my gallery that I couldn't hang at home"! Terri Lew - Gallery Director

About Terri Lew –  Gallery Director

Terri Lew is the sole director of 19 Karen.

19 Karen was first established to promote and nurture emerging artists not yet represented by commercial galleries. Some of these artists have since become successful and sought after by art galleries and collectors alike.

Terri is dedicated to continue discovering innovative emerging Australian and International artists with exceptional and diverse talent to shock and excite you. Our complete stable of artists consists of emerging & mid-career artists.

Terri chooses art that reflects her own personal taste. Her advice for buying art is simple.

“Buy art that you love. If you can’t walk away from it or if you are still thinking about it, it means that you have already committed to it emotionally. This is what art does to you.   Buy art that reflects your taste, your mood and your personality. There are no guarantees that an artist will become successful and give you a return on your investment but the joy you will receive from living with it, is worth every dollar you spend.” ~ Terri Lew

After selling her successful tourist magazines, The Director, Terri Lew, was not ready to retire.  As an art collector for 35 years,  married to an artist for 20 years, Terri was eager to embark on a new venture and her life long dream to open a Contemporary Art Gallery.

The gallery now represents 80+ International and Australian artists of various styles and genres from Urban and Street art to Pop art, Expressionism, Contemporary Figurative and Abstract to Realism, Surrealism and Pop Surrealism and anything in between – all enmeshed into one big white cube space in a 700 square meter converted warehouse, the biggest commercial gallery in all of Queensland!

The gallery is divided into 6 interconnected exhibition spaces of differing sizes including a large stockroom for private viewing and a private gallery of the Director’s private collection open to the public during business hours. Exhibitions may focus on a single artist with the rest of the space taken up by group exhibition, or, 2-3 solo concurrent shows in complimentary or opposed themes, issues, or aesthetics. However, the fundamental aspect of the gallery is to provide the viewer with an exciting experience when entering the space, one which is full of colours, beauty and above all fresh and new!

The gallery website is easily navigated and is updated on a daily basis, bringing you new artworks, news and information as it happens. We are also available for private viewing outside business hours on 0407 753958.

A place that takes you on a journey and you never know what you're going to see around every corner. Its narratively filled with colour, culture, diversity, myths, fantasy, contemporary and quirkiness to pleasure the sight of the imagination. ~ Tania W

Amazing place. Such a hidden little gem. Artwork is captivating. ~ Pippa M.

One of the best galleries I've seen. The art was of outstanding quality and variety. Very inspiring visit. ~ Olivia A

I had to take a second to tell you how impressed I am by the level of talent of all your artists. I think it's one of the best websites I've seen in that it's elegant and streamlined and really encourages exploring around. Great to see a gallery that puts  that much effort into the user's/potential collector's experience. ~ Aimee L H

Amazing place. Beautiful space.  ~ Julie S.

This is one of the best galleries I've ever been to and I've been to many all over Australia and the world! Love the art! ~ Michelle T

I recently visited your gallery. I stayed for over an hour and it was a great experience. I found the space very 'fresh' and well laid out and the mixture of artist and styles was very well balanced. ~ Barry M.

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