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Solo shows by Carole King, Guim Tió Zarraluki, Jacqui Doran and Sarah Beetson Carole King – ‘Water World’ Guim Tió Zarraluki Jacqui Doran – ‘Blood & Bone’ Sarah Beetson – ‘All of the Places that I have Lived’ Photography: Kylie Cox, Laura Rodriguez Castro and Mark Bermingham  

Solo shows by Amanda Shelsher, Anne Smerdon, Jacqui Doran and Jennifer Mondfrans Amanda Shelsher – ‘Nature, Nurture Anne Smerdon – ‘Wild Horses’ Jacqui Doran – ‘Wild Things’ and Jennifer Mondfrans – ‘At Least I have You to  Rememeber Me’ Photography: Laura Rodriquez Castro, Kylie Cox and Mark Bermingham

Tasmania-based artist Kate McCarthy presented an artist talk at Sofitel Gold Coast Broadbeach’s Room81 on Sunday 24 February. In conjunction with her solo show, ‘A mon tour – Koolamara’, Kate shared an insight into various aspects of her arts practice, including; inspiration and themes, work processes, education and training. Photography: Kylie Cox

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